Ravintola Vanha Mylly

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Menu suomeksi


Snails 9,80e
Parmesan grated snails with herbal garlic butter and toasted bread  
Cajun seasoned shrimps 9,50e
Cajun seasoned shrimps served with rocket salad, aioli, and traditional Finnish dark country style bread  
Small green salad 4,70e
Salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and salsa of the house  
Bread assortment 3,50e
Traditional Finnish dark country style bread and country style white bread  



By the customers request we brought the Old Mill’s flatbreads back. Two cheese seasoned flatbreads are filled with fresh salads, cherry tomatoes, and a topping of your choice. All flatbread dishes are served with wedge potatoes.  
Smoked pork  
Smoked pork, peach slices, marinated red onions and bearnaise sauce  
Grilled chicken, melon-red currant salsa and bearnaise sauce.  
Goat cheese  
Grilled goat cheese, balsamic glaze and apple compote.  



The spelt buns of our burgers are freshly baked here. All burgers include fresh lettuce, tomatoes, marinated red onions, and coleslaw-salad. French Fries are also included.  
All the meat we use in our foods is produced in Finland  
Old Mill’s Burger  
Karisalmi’s organic highland beef patty seasoned with cherry-coke BBQ sauce, grilled bacon, aioli, and cheddar cheese sauce  
Karisalmi’s organic highland beef patty with extra hot Smoke-Naga-sauce, hot chili garlic mayo, smoke cheddar cheese sauce, and fresh chili peppers.  
Smoked pork, grilled bacon, cherry-coke BBQ-sauce, mushroom compote and BBQ-mayo  
(prepared with vegan gluten free bun)  
Vegan patty with chia-seeds and mushrooms, cherry-coke BBQ sauce, mushroom compote, and vegan mayo  
-Extra patty 5e, other extras 1,50e, extra goat cheese 3,50e  

Traditional main courses

Traditional dishes which have been on the menu for decades and some newcomers.  
All the meat we use in our dishes are produced in Finland.  
Vegetable-curry 17,90e
Eastern spices and vegetables meet each other in a hot pot where coconut softens the aroma. The stew is enjoyed with sweet potato fries and grilled tomatoes.  
Cajun chicken 21,50e
Grilled chicken breast seasoned with cajun spices, goat cheese chili sauce, melon-redcurrant salsa, grilled tomatoes, and sweet potato fries  
Grilled chicken 20,50e
Grilled chicken breast, pepper sauce, honey vegetables, and French fries  
Old Mill style liver 19,30e
Grilled Karisalmi’s organic beef liver, bacon, cream sauce, lingonberries, honey vegetables, and mashed potatoes  
Cider pork 21,50e
Smoked pork glazed with Ginger&Beer sauce, cider sauce, apple compote, honey vegetables, and wedge potatoes  
Fish from lake Päijänne  
Fish of the day depends of the catch of the fisher. Ask for more information from the waiter  
Organic beef 31,50e
Karisalmi’s organic beef fillet, pepper sauce, mushroom compote, grilled tomatoes, and garlic potatoes  
* All our dishes are mainly lactose-free and gluten-free. Ask the waiter for more information.  

For children

Kid’s burger 6,90e
Organic beef patty or chicken fillet, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and ketchup  
Served with French fries  
Chicken- or meatball basket 1e/
year of age
Chicken nuggets or meatballs. Served with French fries, cucumber sticks and ketchup  
Children’s Fish 1e/
year of age
Pan fried fish and mashed potatoes. Cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes  
Would you like to have something on the main courses list?

They are available as a half-sized portion for half the price.



Finnish blueberry pie 8,30e
Traditional Finnish blueberry pie with rye crust and old time’s vanilla ice-cream  
Chocolate fondant 8,30e
A chocolate fondant with rich dark chocolate, strawberry melba, and old time’s vanilla ice-cream  
Winters apple delight 8,30e
(Ask for vegan version)  
White chocolate mousse, apple compote and gingerbread crumbles  
Your own ice-cream portion 4,30-6,90e
Build your own ice-cream portion (1-3 scoops of ice-cream)

from the following:

Ice-Cream choices: Old-time-Vanilla, Strawberry, or Chocolate  
Sauce: Chocolate, Caramel, or Strawberry Melba  
Whipped Cream garnishes your ice-cream portion